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Surface level corrections such as format, grammar, spelling, typography, and punctuation



Editing for consistency, repetition and flow. Includes flagging for awkward phrases, jargon, and ambiguous vocabulary.


Line Editing

Comprehensive review that involves rewriting sentences and paragraphs for clarity

Rates: Price List


Websites and social media pages are often consulted when a prospective client is considering business opportunities. It’s imperative that you put your best foot forward because multiple grammatical errors may cast doubt on your thoroughness and attentiveness to detail, resulting in your prospect moving on. I'll polish your social media and/or website so you are seen as a trusted authority and gain the possibility to expand your influence and reach what could completely change the game for you.

Cost: Contact me to discuss a plan that fits your needs

Rates: Text

Intense copyediting will be charged at the heavy copyediting rate. This option is similar to ghostwriting and includes the restructuring of sentences and paragraphs and insertion of ideas to improve the flow. 

Rates: Text
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